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'Changing LIVES, not just BODIES'

Victory Fitness Beach aims to focus on health and wellness through physical exercise in the stunning location of Kos Island, known to be the birth place of the father of modern medicine Hippocrates and believed to be the sacred island of the legendary god of healing named Asclepius (As Greek Mythology says).

Most of our classes take place on one of the most beautiful and sandy beaches on the island, Tigaki Beach. In our opinion there is no better way to workout than to the sound of the sea and surrounded by golden sand.

We promote active holidays and active lifestyles with Fitness Classes, Personal Training and Fitness & Wellness Retreats. We currently offer Pilates classes most mornings but we also offer breath taking Pilates classes at sunset and early morning during our summer season. When it comes to attending classes there are a range of options available with Victory Fitness Beach. You may just want to indulge in one of our amazing sunset classes, or want to attend classes everyday. Or you might want something a bit more intense or personal, if this is the case you can book an exclusive Personal Training session or private class. Whatever your desire, we will have something for you!

For those that want to escape from your current hectic lifestyle and dedicate your time to your fitness and wellbeing you may be interested in attending one of our exclusive retreats. Our retreats take you to a hidden away location within the mountain range of Kos Island, a place which gives you the most spectacular views and the opportunity to really focus on YOU!!!.... click here to find out more.

For classes, book now or take a wander on Tigaki Beach (near the Salt Lake) to find us, we are there most mornings and happy to answer any questions you may have.


If you are a resident or reside on Kos for longer periods of time, we offer and all year round Personal Training service. For more information contact us today!

- About Me -


- Owner of Victory Fitness Beach -
Gilly Gwilliams

Victory Fitness as it was originally named was initially founded by myself in 2015. As a serving British Army Soldier I was looking to prepare for a civilian life. My passion for fitness and self improvement (both physically and mentally happened to take me down the route of Personal Training. I gained all my relevant qualifications and started Personal Training in my spare time whilst still serving, slowly my business grew. I started to gain further qualifications and developing my experience, constantly adding strings to my bow and even gaining my BSc (Hons) Sport, Fitness and Coaching. I left the Army in 2018, with the intention of developing Victory Fitness but through the years I have taken a personal journey which has developed my vision in to a much more rounded and adventurous prospect. I moved to the beautiful Greek Island of Kos, and of course my business moved with me, and has naturally developed, as I have developed as a person and the community with Victory Fitness has developed, this creating the birth of Victory Fitness Beach as it operates today.
I am constantly learning and developing my skills, in an industry that is very fast paced, but everyday I take a step closer to having my dream venture become a reality. And the most important aspect, those that join our community are constantly learning and developing, their lifestyles are constantly improving, I live by the saying 'CHANGING LIVES, NOT JUST BODIES', my clients are the people that drive Victory Fitness Beach and will always remain my priority.

- Reviews -

caroline hall

Caroline Hall

"Great personal trainer, very friendly yet professional. Knowledgeable but relatable. Cannot recommend enough. Really put me at ease, encouraged me and was always on hand when I needed that little extra push."

Simon mic

Simon Micklethwaite

"Very impressed with Victory. A while ago I decided I wanted to improve my general fitness and tone up my body. Gilly from Victory came to see me and designed an exercise programme specific to me. We then had weekly pt sessions and these combined with following the exercise program Gilly put together saw my fitness and muscle tone improve over time."



"Gilly is a brilliant coach and gives just the right amount of ‘push’ that I need! Her training plans are flexible and you can plan your work outs around your lifestyle. Gilly works remotely so no need for a 1:1 meet up."

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