- Summer Class Schedule -


To keep updated on the timetable please follow our facebook and/or instagram accounts

PLEASE BOOK HERE or send a message on Facebook.

It is encouraged to bring your own mat where possible, and if not possible, please bring a large towel.

Mats will not be provided at present due to Covid-19 situation.

please note: there is limited shading at the 9am & 10am session, wear appropriate clothing/sunscreen and bring water

If you want to take part in Pilates throughout the Winter Season on Kos please contact us for details.


PILATES - 10€ per class** (50 minutes)

PILATES LIVE - 5€ per class** (50 minutes)

AQUA FITNESS - 7€ per class** (45 minutes) - only available in summer months

book online to receive 10% discount (beach classes only)

5 Class Card - 40€*

*message for further details

**seasonal workers/local residents contact for monthly/class prices

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